Jessica rides a 2016 Salsa Vaya Deore named Olive. #Olivemybike

Olive has been regeared for this adventure from the Salsa stock gearing of a 48-32 to a 38-24. Gary, my mechanic guru at Montlake Bicycle Shop in Seattle, lowered the front derailleur. If I was never changing the chain rings back, Gary said he would have shortened the chain, too. But this fix worked seamlessly. Hills? What hills?

Jess also has a suspension seat post from Charlie Heggem of Bellingham, WA’s Cirrus Cycles.

Irena rides a 2017 Salsa Marrakesh named Glory. #allherglory


Bags: We each ride with Ortlieb roller panniers, front and back. We also each have an Ortlieb handlebar bag.



Training routes:


Once, long ago, we did a Riesling ride. 

and then we rode to the top of Mt. Constitution