Day 84: Crossing my own finish line

September 15: Butter Pot Provincial Park to St. John’s, 41 km

By ten in the morning, I made it to St. John’s.! I couldn’t even eat my muffin or yesterday’s breakfast sandwich at camp, I was so excited or anxious, not sure which. Google offered two ways to get downtown and I was stressed for about 5 km that the route that I selected, which took me off the TCH, would mean missing the city sign. What relief when I spotted it! There was a path through the tall and wet grass and I positioned my bike next to the sign in pure joy, just like other cross-Canada riders before me have done. 

After three month of being inseparable from my bike, Glory, I turned her over to the helpful bike shop guys to get her boxed up for the flight home. 

And just like that I walked with my bags to the hostel. A surreal feeling of completion and one that took some grit to accomplish. At some point, maybe this will all sink in but for now, I am going to drink some good coffee and beer and enjoy being a tourist in St. John’s on foot. 


ZERO flat tires

8100 km of road (5000 miles); 10 provinces; 6 time zones; 84 days on the road; 73 biking days; 49 nights of camping; 9 ferry boats, biggest day of climbing 1962 m (Cabot Trail); total trip ascend 47,643 m (156,000 ft or more than five times up Mt. Everest); one great riding partner, Jessica; support crew of so many, especially my Justin. 

Canada is a big country. Next time, I am biking across a smaller one!

20 thoughts on “Day 84: Crossing my own finish line

  1. WOOHOO!!! So proud of you! What an amazing adventure you’ve had! We are so greatful to have been able to follow along! Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us!


  2. Congratulations! Friends sent me the link to your blog and I’ve been following your progress across Canada. Thanks for sharing your ride with so many of us. What an accomplishment! You should be proud.


  3. Congratulations Irena! You are one fantastic woman…what an accomplishment! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to meet and chat with you and Jessica in SK. Thank you so very much for sharing your journey…I too will miss your daily news. Best wishes to you and Glory!

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  4. What a challenge! You are a ride star!! Now you can take a victory lap on…a rental bike?? Have fun touring St. John’s. Let us know when you hold a homecoming celebration (and talk?).


  5. I met Jessica on Richter’s pass & she gave me your card.
    I thoroughly enjoyed going across Canada with you both & reading your blog & all your photos. You had a lot of really nice ones as you entered the province, but my favorite was your lobster dinner in PEI.
    You both did an awesome job & some of the distances you travelled with the packs were amazing.

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  6. Congratulations to both of you, Irena and Jess! What an amazing adventure you both have had! And what an incredible achievement for both of you!


  7. Congratulations on this monumental accomplishment! Thank you for chronicling your incredible journey. Our daughters love having the entries read to them, and seeing the pictures.


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