Day 82 and 83: The Final Countdown

September 13: Gander to Clarenville, 146 km; September 14: Clarenville to Butter Pot Provincial Park, 155 km

Blue skies and sun returned. Everything is more enjoyable when the weather is better. Take me out for a beer and I’ll tell you about the hill climbs, the headwind and the remoteness. I was grateful to see other cyclists, chatted it up with the few fellow campers and gas station attendants “enjoyed” my company as I finished my just purchased chocolate milk or coke. Highway motels with a “dining room” were appreciated when the sky stormed. It only seemed right to camp the last night of this journey and I rolled into the Provincial Park with about an hour of daylight. Although I planned to cook up the dinner I have been carrying since North Sydney, I ate my subway sandwich instead, showered and went looking for moose. The park attendant assured me that every evening at dusk there is a moose hanging around near the comfort station. Not having seen a moose since BC, I waited and waited but no luck. Just rabbits. I can’t believe I have cycled all of Ontario and Newfoundland without seeing a single moose. 


Two days of hilly miles 

Newfoundland beer 

Sharing stories on the side of the road with fellow cyclists and an Ironman 

49th night in this tent; Campground closes in four days

St. John’s tomorrow!!! 

2 thoughts on “Day 82 and 83: The Final Countdown

  1. Thanks ! Received in good order. Still hoping for Day 84 that I received with no text or pictures and when I clicked on IronGirl I got an error message.


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