Day 74: The Cabot Trail 

September 5: Linwood to Cheticamp, 162 km / 101 mi 

400 km across Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island to reach the ferry to Newfoundland and I have changed my plans three times. In the end, I have decided to ride the world famous Cabot Trail. It will mean couple extra long days before the ferry and one less day on Newfoundland. 

The Cabot Trail – “Rising from the sea and clinging to mountains, the Cabot Trail is a winding staircase that will take you from majestic ocean vistas to quiet fishing villages.” A scenic highway! 

The friendly ladies at the Cape Breton visitor center convinced me to ride the hard-packed gravel and dirt trail on the west side of the island since it’s closer to the water than the coast road and the views are better. They were right and that wasn’t even a section of the Cabot Trail. 

I met Bea at my mid-day stop at the convenience stop for some coke and Gatorade. We chatted for a while and when I came out of the washroom, she had a goodie bag of nuts and bars ready for me. Love these random acts of kindness. 

Here are some pics from today. 

I saw my riding companion, David, on and off during the day and he caught up with me, after grocery shopping, at camp. Another night of good company. 


162 km / 101 mi today … over 7000 km / 4300 mi since June

Cape Breton Island! Woohoo!! 

Canso Causeway connecting Cape Breton with Nova Scotia 

Beach walk 

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