Day 73: The recumbent 

September 4: Brookfield to Linwood, 167 km / 104 mi

The muffled sound of earplugs is effective for preventing being kept awake by your partner’s snoring but not effective for karaoke or rain and wind storm. There was not much sleep in tent site #10 last night. 

The morning rain made for a quick pack job and more sorting and organizing occurred under a covered shelter. Being alone for a day, I welcomed the chit chat with the usual Tim Hortons retiree crowd. Labor Day weekend made for quiet roads and puddles disappeared mid-day. 

I startled a cyclist resting on the side of the road but we were both obviously delighted to see each other. He immediately offered me a sweet wafery biscuit and we exchanged plans for the day and trip. We rode together to Tim Horton’s for an afternoon coffee break. 

David, my new riding partner, is on a recumbent bike but he might as well be a celebrity. People flocked to him as we came  into Timmys in Antigonish. Turns out, with a recumbent bike its like that everywhere and especially in China. This is his second trip across Canada, over a decade apart, and he has done many adventurous cycle tours. 

The trees danced in the wind and the weather continued to improve throughout the day. Nice tailwind at the end of the day. 

Beers and vegetable soup shared at camp. It’s nice to have company! 


167 km / 104 mi might be my longest day yet

Closed grocery store on Labor Day 

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