Day 70: The dipping of the wheel

Shubenacadie to Halifax, September 1

It’s funny that the two families who helped with today’s celebratory photos were from Vancouver. So close, and yet so far. One group asked us what our hardest part of the journey was. It’s a natural question. True. But we wish not to dwell, or recount, those parts. Rather, it’s the joys, and the highlights; we savor the gems along the way, the colors, the smells, the slant of light, and the people. Each thread, each tale, each photograph, we’ve woven into the tapestry of this remarkable landscape, this adventure.

Today we arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, via the cute little doughnut shaped ferry from Dartmouth.

Today we dipped the front wheels in the Atlantic Ocean.

Today we stood together in awe and admiration.

Today, I finished my journey of thousands, and thousands, of kilometers across nine provinces of Canada!


45 miles


Part III of this journey is nearly done. We will enjoy some sites together, before Irena continues solo to St. John’s, Newfoundland, in part IV of this adventure. 

8 thoughts on “Day 70: The dipping of the wheel

  1. Congratulations, Ladies! Debbie and I have really enjoyed our summer of Spokes and Stories. We’re going to miss your updates. Congratulations!!!


  2. Congratulations, Jessica! You have some inspiring stories for your students when you get back. It was great to meet you all those thousands of kilometers back in Manitoba! Shame we didn’t quite cross paths again. So close!
    Sit back and enjoy the comfy seat on the flight home.

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  3. Dear Jess and Irena:
    What an achievement for both of you…………loved the sign board…how very true! Hoping that part IV of the journey unfolds with excellent new adventures and that the new school year begins with much joy and a sense of strength for you, Jess.
    With love and admiration for the challenge you took on and for your kindness in sharing through the posts, your realizations and joy in the journey.
    With every good wish, Sharon


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