Day 66: #welovepei

August 28: Cavendish to Charlottetown, 51 km (Prince Edward Island) 

Patti said that PEI is a special place and she was right. We crisscrossed this lovely and hilly island! Somehow we thought it was flat but don’t be fooled that is not the case. The red beach on the Cavendish north shore was stunning. Seafood is delicious and the island is rich in farming. And of course we didn’t pass on Cow Ice Cream. 

On Patti’s recommendation we went to the Water Prince Corner Shop for dinner. The waitress looked stunned when we told her we didn’t have a reservation and unless we were willing to sit at the kitchen bar, she’d get us in at 10 pm. We took her bar offer and returned an hour later. 

The restaurant played the Final Countdown as she prepared us for lobster with bibs around our necks. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect finish to PEI. 


51 km (41 km of endless hills and 10 km of Confederation trail) 

A French toast bake for breakfast from fellow campers, Patti & George, from Boston. Wicked! 

Lobster roll for lunch 

Whole lobster for dinner 

Bed and towels at Charlottetown hostel 

One thought on “Day 66: #welovepei

  1. What a day! That gorgeous blue sky.
    You are reminding me of NPR’s Road Food.
    You should be on their show. Time to set that in motion.
    Xo Jenny


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