Day 65: I wear my hair in braids

Borden Carleton to Cavendish, August 27

The length of day is getting shorter. But the adventures are so varied, and the days so full, I need to divide it into parts.


We returned to Gateway Village for breakfast, a photo shoot,  and a meandering mornign to discover the best views of the bridge. That bridge! Really, a magnificant feat of engineering and more. Thanks Sue N, for your surveyor work on the project!

II: The ride, the rain!
It was only 30 miles, but after yesterday’s headwind and hills, it felt surprisingly tough. Plus we left the rail way grade of the Confederation Trail to cross to the north side of PEI. “There, towards the rain,” Irena navigated with a pointed finger. Jackets had already come on and off again thrice, plus sunblock. So what would it be? Sure enough, a deluge. It was amazing how fast we were soaked all. the. way. through. Faster than I could look around for any open barns or rooflines. Shelter, by then, was moot, and I kept on riding into Cavendish.

III: Anne:

“The trees are my familiar friends”  in the Haunted Wood and Balsam Hollow near Lovers Lane, and the way the waves say hello. L.M Montgomery set Anne of Green Gables on her beloved PEI. We took a walk through the hertiage site, the woods, and stopped in to join the Sunday Picnic to get a photo with the fabeled friend.

and later drank our Raspberry Coridials on the beach.

IV: Sea Food by the Sea:

At the boardwalk touristy spot we dried off and had lobster rolls for lunch, Irena’s first. 

They are different than the Boston area lobsta rolls, in that here on PEI the lobster is tossed lightly with mayo and celery and served in the bun cold. We rallied to cook a campground dinner of PEI mussles (the 2 pound bag fit into our pot!) with garlic butter, lemon, pasta, and beers. Dessert–jiffy pop, just because.

V: Sunset, Surf, and Stars:

I swam in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The briney plunge a ritual, the ceremonial dipping of the curls, a mineral film on drying skin thanks to the evaporative power of the returned sun. A sunset over eastern salt water. Bold stars, and the sound of surf lulling us to sleep.


32 miles

A mounty sighting!


3 thoughts on “Day 65: I wear my hair in braids

  1. Wow ladies! Brava for this entry to PEI…………I’ll bet that Atlantic Ocean dip was a treat……loved the photo of two braided women……Hugs – Sharon


  2. The smell of the ocean and taste of lobster must strike a deep cord. What a truly awesome experience you’ve had. Grateful for the stories and photos as you bring us along on your journey. Amazing! – Aline


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