Day 57: Gray Day 

​Saint Jean Port Joli to Riviere du Loup, August 19

How a Seattle style late October day crept up the St. Lawrence river I have no idea. It was bright gray. Darkish, but still needing sunglasses. 

We left the beautiful st. jean port joli after a 5 mile rt detour to Timmy’s for breakfast and food for the day.

We took lunch at the beachfront of Karamouska, doning most of our jackets. While we weren’t yet in the gulf, I could almost smell the salt. A chill was in the air. Mercury never over 20.

Looking north across the road to the river, and looking south to the new hills we would soon climb again.

A spirited solo woman cyclist caught up to us and we ended up camping with the strong legged and wise hearted Jane from BC. She left her home in Vancouver July 1st and had taken just 3 rest days. Inspiring!

Determined to have a campfire the last night of the river we had a measly one but attracted nearby camping guests from their Westfalia,  Elena and Flourant, who played guitar, sang in French and american folk songs, and I even chimmed in on harmonica for a couple of classic tunes: Wise men say, and stand by me.


66.64 miles

We are just a couple of chicks on bikes


2 thoughts on “Day 57: Gray Day 

  1. Each day, it is a joy to hear what your adventures have been, both little and big. Jon and I especially appreciate the funny, punny photos you include. So, chicks, ride on! Love – Sharon


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